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19 February 2017
I have to say a massive thank you to sunrise solicitors for sure they made the sun rise in my life. Their hard work and efficiency is commendable and I will always recommend them to anyone with immigration problems. I thank God for your lives. Keep up the good work
Mohammad Khan
15 February 2017
I am highly thankful to Sunrise Solicitors specially Mr Usman & Mr Amir who worked hard very professionally and with honesty to achieve my wife's spouse visa.
They are the best in their profession and gave regular feedback throughout our case via phone calls, txt messages & emails.
Previously we had very hard time from other solicitors but now I can say Sunrise Solicitors are best and very best.
13 February 2017
Thank you very much for facilitating our papers. Your company is very reliable and efficient.
Kiran Rajan
13 February 2017
We approached Sunrise Solicitors while facing a very difficult visa situation. We went to them based on the recommendation of a friend who’d been their client before. As a matter of fact, we approached two to three solicitors at the time, and found Mr. Arshad Mahmood’s advice during an initial consultation session the most practical and clear-cut. So we decided to register with them in March 2016. From then on, our entire visa process and dealings with Sunrise Solicitors lasted for a good nine months, during which Arshad and Ms Alina Rizvi (our caseworker solicitor) were absolutely fantastic and did brilliant work. Alina, who was our first point of contact for all matters, was extremely efficient in dealing with our case. Not to mention, she was very kind to us and sympathetic to the visa-related troubles we were facing. Arshad on his part offered the most relevant and best advice at every stage of the process. Together these two people made what seemed impossible possible and for that we will be ever so grateful — Mr and Mrs Kiran Rajan.
11 February 2017
I was really impressed with Mr. Arshad's advice and supervision of my application for a spousal visa. Mr. Arshad dealt with my case with the utmost care and attention that it deserved. I am also grateful to the hard work and sincere efforts of Ms. Cibel, who went over my application many times and really put in the hours to ensure that everything was there and that nothing was left out. In all, this was my third successful experience of having instructed Sunrise Solicitors and I was highly impressed with the work that they had done on my behalf.
27 January 2017
I would like to thank Sunrise Solicitors for help in getting my british passport and very special thanks to my case worker Jamila Salam she is a very fantastic and awesome lady and always on top of things and quick communication. I will recommend this lady to anyone
23 January 2017

Dear Sun Rise Solicitors

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication on my case.

After previously instucting a different law firm from the midlands to apply to the home office
for Further Leave to Remain. I was met with substandard legal advisers who did not have a clue
on the best option for me.

After submitting two failed home office applicaions and waiting over 12 months plus due to the poor
incompitance of the legal firm missing vital documents and including information.

I gave up hope i searched and searched the internet and read reviws on potential new
legal firms. I some how stumbled upon Sun Rise Solicitors who may i add already had good reviews i
choose to go ahead and contact them.

After paying and organiseing for legal consultaion i had spercifficaly asked for Ashad the firms owner
who at the time i was told was on holiday abroad.Even tho abroad Ashad still managed to contact me
for a hour consultation via skipe from his hotel room.

I had explaned my immigration circumstances which was,being in the uk iligaly for over 14 years,
iligal entry in and out of the uk newmerious times as well as being deported.

Ashad had clear advice and a plan of action of how to be granted Further Leave to remain.

A few Days later a meeting was organised with Ashad at the office in london ashad appointed a
case manager named Kevin. Ashad recaped over his action plan and all the documents he needed
from myself in order to submit the home office application.

After a month my case was submmitted to the home office in liverpool 2 months later i was granted
2.5 years FLR.

From the offset Sun Rise solicitor have been nothink but professional always returning my calls
emails or any questions i had.

Ashad and kevin I am most grateful to you both. All my years of stress have now gone away now with your legal
no how.You have managed to keep me here in the uk with my british child and family to which i am eternaly greatfull.

Your faith, knowledge and determination attention to detail for the case has been second to none.

I Thank you so much any one out there who reads this review this company is a must!! u will not be

Thanks again


Syed Ahmed
20 January 2017
I would like to thank Amir for his valuable immigration advise and guidance to get me British Citizenship along with my daughter. Thanks to case workers Alex (who left now) and Della for dealing with my case.I have used Sunrise solicitors six times. Two times for extending Tier 1 General visa for myself, Once for extending my wife's Tier 1 dependant visa, Once for getting Tier 1 dependant visa for my daughter and finally for Getting British Citizenship for me and my daughter.

All six times, I have received equal importance, same professional dealing of my case, expert immigration advise and lots of co-operation. I would like to thank Arshad for helping me get through until ILR and finally Amir to get me British Citizenship.

I appreciate Alex(who left now), Della, pashmina,Nasheela, Mariam, Mahshid, Rita al-souf for being my case workers in the past and help me get through all immigration barriers and finally get British Citizenship.

Special thanks to Amir, Pashmina and Della who helped me get back my indian passport so that i could get back to india to meet my seriously ill dad before he passed away.

Syed Ahmed
14 January 2017
I would like to thank Arshad Mahmood and his excellent team of Immigration Solicitors for all their hard work on a complicated case that involved 3 applications that has taken 3 years to finalise.
SUNRISE SOLICITORS upholds on all levels what they advertise : a professional service, reasonable fees and expert Immigration Solicitors. The Managing Director, Arshad Mahmood, is a true specialist in U.K. immigration law. He is dedicated, amiable, knowledgeable, honourable and high in integrity.
From the Receptionists up they are prompt, efficient, thorough and offer excellent service, guidance and support. They give of their very best every day with applications, advice, time, calls, e-mails. They took most of the stress off 3 of the toughest years of my life. And I have the utmost gratitude to all of them for what they did for me and do for others.
Amie Dhanjee – no longer with the firm – managed 2 Applications, was super efficient in her work and in dealing with me as an hysterical scattered person. The 3rd Application was managed by Alina Rizvi. She was also super efficient, kind and one hundred percent in her integrity. Thank you both for all your hard work.
My first attempt at finding an Immigration Solicitor found me uptown in the middle of London at recommended immigration solicitors. In my first interview with those immigration solicitors I knew I was in the wrong place. They suggested I bypass the 1st application and failed to answer my follow up e-mail. I then e-mailed a few firms and when Arshad answered my questions in two e-mails I knew I was dealing with the right firm. He also assisted a friend (who was given 3 days to leave the country) through to a successful application.
Immigration is one of the toughest of all life experiences. It is important that you choose wisely. If you are looking for a strong, professional firm of Immigration Solicitors who know the law this is the one!
09 January 2017
Overall I received a very good service from Sunrise Solicitors.Thank you Sunrise Solicitors for another job well done!Special thanks to Mr. Arshad and Miss. Alina- I cannot praise you more for the hard work, professionalism and expertise knowledge of immigration.I definitely recommend anyone who needs immigration service to contact Sunrise Solicitors.

Thank you once again!
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