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14 January 2017
I would like to thank Arshad Mahmood and his excellent team of Immigration Solicitors for all their hard work on a complicated case that involved 3 applications that has taken 3 years to finalise.
SUNRISE SOLICITORS upholds on all levels what they advertise : a professional service, reasonable fees and expert Immigration Solicitors. The Managing Director, Arshad Mahmood, is a true specialist in U.K. immigration law. He is dedicated, amiable, knowledgeable, honourable and high in integrity.
From the Receptionists up they are prompt, efficient, thorough and offer excellent service, guidance and support. They give of their very best every day with applications, advice, time, calls, e-mails. They took most of the stress off 3 of the toughest years of my life. And I have the utmost gratitude to all of them for what they did for me and do for others.
Amie Dhanjee – no longer with the firm – managed 2 Applications, was super efficient in her work and in dealing with me as an hysterical scattered person. The 3rd Application was managed by Alina Rizvi. She was also super efficient, kind and one hundred percent in her integrity. Thank you both for all your hard work.
My first attempt at finding an Immigration Solicitor found me uptown in the middle of London at recommended immigration solicitors. In my first interview with those immigration solicitors I knew I was in the wrong place. They suggested I bypass the 1st application and failed to answer my follow up e-mail. I then e-mailed a few firms and when Arshad answered my questions in two e-mails I knew I was dealing with the right firm. He also assisted a friend (who was given 3 days to leave the country) through to a successful application.
Immigration is one of the toughest of all life experiences. It is important that you choose wisely. If you are looking for a strong, professional firm of Immigration Solicitors who know the law this is the one!
09 January 2017
Overall I received a very good service from Sunrise Solicitors.Thank you Sunrise Solicitors for another job well done!Special thanks to Mr. Arshad and Miss. Alina- I cannot praise you more for the hard work, professionalism and expertise knowledge of immigration.I definitely recommend anyone who needs immigration service to contact Sunrise Solicitors.

Thank you once again!
08 January 2017
I would like to thank James/Alex (who has now left) for helping my husband get his visa. James was a very very nice friendly person who I trusted with my eyes closed the moment he was dealing with the case. He did it so quickly and paid attention to every detail regarding the case, application and documents. Didn't have any single problem! Thanks my husband got his visa as we also used the premium day service with the HO. I would like to thank Amir naviwala for handling my case to James after Nasheela left as I was a little upset who will be dealing with it but he took my worries away and reassured me! Thanks guys :))
May barani min
06 January 2017
Best service i have ever used. This is the second time i use sunrise service as i cant find any service better than sunrise.
Massimo & Zhanna
04 January 2017
We would like to thank Sunrise solicitors for their help and guidance in our applications. My wife, who holds a Kazakhstan passport got Residence Card while I got Registration Certificate being National of an EEA State. Arshad and Cibel supported us during all process, they professionally prepared the necessary documents for Home Office and they were always ready to reply to all our questions. We have no hesitations to recommend Sunrise solicitors to anyone that has Visa / immigration necessities.
04 January 2017
Thanks to Amir for believing that we can have a positive feedback from the home office although my case was complicated and yes no matter what the home office tried for my case not to be successful, he found a way & gave me hope and today I can say that all went well and am overwhelmed to recommend anyone who is struggling with immigration to sunrise solicitors and I'll use them again if I have any problems with the law.
Much obliged to Amir & Alina they made me to be the happiest client.
31 December 2016
I have been a customer for Sunrise for 6 years and once again they have made life changing experience come true for me just because of the Sunrise Team. Its amazing to see such a professional team working as they do, huge thanks to Amir the Great.
Muhammad Khan
19 December 2016
I would like to thank sunrise solicitors for their help and guidance in my recent application. Della my caseworker was incredible, she has great set of communication skills and provides the best service from point of view. Sunrise being a legal service provider for immigration purposes are very efficient at what they do. Thanks again to Mr Amir and Tahir for their support in my case and especially Mr Tahir for providing a great company when we were waiting for our decision. In the end I would like to thank Alex and every one involve in building my case. I would definitely recommend them for any immigration matter.
14 December 2016
Thank you Sunrise Solicitors for a job well done. Mine was a complicated case with 60:40 odds against me. The team worked hard to understand every aspect of my immigration history. They took their time to listen and worked with me step by step until the date of the Hearing. My emails were replied to and never ignored. It was not on the same day but the replies came through and I was really happy about that. Thank you Alina for that.
The best news was the determination. At last, I can now plan ahead. To everyone in Sunrise team, I say, 'Well Done'
Hashim Al Awad
10 December 2016
I would like to Thank Arshad and his team for reassuring and helping us with our mum's visit visa which was turned down unexpectedly despite her frequent visits,to this country since 1983.
Mr Arshad is so proffesional in making himself available to everybody who seeks help and chooses his firm, he listens to you, gives you his full attention without making you feel you are taking up his time, as he knows how important every case is and what it means to the families affected, Great stuff Mr Arshad .

As for Kevin, he simply is a credit to Sunrise Solicitors, he is so dedicated, very professional and treats you with utmost respect , he really does his best and we felt that he put his soul into our case as if he is our third brother.
He communicates well, keeps you informed and can be reached easily and without complications.
I recommend this Firm of committed solicitors from the Director down to the receptionists, and wish all of them every possible success.
Will certainly recommend to all friends and Family.

Many Thanks Mr Arshad, Many thanks Kevin and the whole team at Sunrise Solicitors.
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