A person who fears persecution in his country of origin due to one of the reasons given in the Refugee Convention can apply for asylum in the UK and the successful applicant will be granted refugee status in the UK. A person who cannot qualify for refugee status in an asylum claim can still qualify for Humanitarian Protection due to need for protection from ill-treatment and torture in his country of origin.

Our expert team of immigration solicitors can provide legal help and assistance with all matters involving asylum, humanitarian protection, discretionary leave as a result of failed asylum claim, fresh asylum claim and family reunion etc.

Asylum Claim In The UK Under The 1951 Refugee Convention

Application For Asylum In The UK
ILR As A Refugee [SET(P) Application]
Application For Transfer Of Refugee Status
Further Submissions For Fresh Claim
Family Reunion
FLR (DL) Application

Humanitarian Protection (HP) Applications

Application For Humanitarian Protection In The UK
ILR - Humanitarian Protection - SET (P) Application

Refused Asylum Or Humanitarian Application? We Can Help

Appeal Against The Refusal Of Asylum Or Humanitarian Protection Claim
Appeal Against Refusal Of Fresh Asylum Or Human Rights Claim
Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) For Judicial Review (JR) Against Certification Of Asylum Claim
Judicial Review (JR) In The Upper Tribunal (UT) Against Certification Of Asylum Claim

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