My name is Amir Ismail Naviwala and I am a Director and 50% shareholder of Sunrise Solicitors.

I am a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.I have been involved in the provision of legal services since 1996 as I started practising law in foreign jurisdiction before I arrived in the UK in 1998. I started practising immigration law in the UK in 2002 and have been continuously involved in the provision of immigration legal services ever since. I have acquired a vast knowledged and experience leading to specialisation in UK immigration over this substantial period of time having been fully involved in the practice of UK immigration laws. I have represented my clients at all stages of the case including representations at Home Office and immigration courts in the UK. My experience of providing advocacy services in courts developed my skills and experience in assessing the immigration cases from the point of view of hte expectations of the Immigration Judges for the cases to succeed which helped me significantly enhance my skills of case analysis resulting in high success rate.  

I am very dedicated in the provision of immigration legal services to all our clients and leave no stone unturned in provision of best possible services. I believe in quality rather than quantity. I also believe in honesty when coming to giving my opinion on merits of the case so that the client knows the real prospects of success before instrucing us and before incurring costs on legal services. The high quality of service rendered by us to our clients is also self-evident from the reviews of our clients.

I specialise in following visa categories of UK Immigration:

  • Asylum
  • Human Rights/private life/family life/discretionary leave/humanitarian protection
  • Deportation matter
  • Partner/spouse/fiancee/same sex relationship leave to remain/entry clearance
  • Long residence applications
  • Domestic violence applications
  • UK Ancestry applications
  • Adult dependant relatives applications
  • Applications as parents of a child who has lived in the Uk for 7 years or who is British or settled in the UK
  • Applications for entry clearance or leave to remain by children
  • EEA applications for EU nationals, Family members , Retention of right fo residence, Extended family members, Surinder Singh route, Derivative rights and so forth
  • British Citizenship applications including applications for naturalisation and registration as British Citiezen
  • Immigration Appeals involving all the immigration matters as listed above

In 2008 I, alongside my business partner Arshad Mahmood, set up this organization and have been working as Immigration Supervisor actively supervising the immigration solicitorts and caseworkers carrying out immigration casework on matters allocated to them by me. Each and every immigration matter allocated by me to a solicitor or caseworker is properly assessed by me as a supervisor before allocation to the solicitor/caseworker and thus ensure a high quality of service. My main specialisation is mainly in non-PBS applications, as it is self-evident from the visa categories listed above whereas my business partner Arshad Mahmood deals with all types of matters including Points Based System (PBS) applications. We can gladly claim that we have earned an extremely respectable position in the field of UK Immigration law. The primary reason for this achievement is our trustworthiness and high quality of legal service we render to our clients.

I can be reached through the following contact details:

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