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Heeran Singh
29 October 2018
A big thank you to Sunrise Solicitors for getting my citizenship application successfully processed in under 6 weeks. Mohammed Usman, Asif & Sophia are a great team and I would highly recommend to anybody seeking immigration help.
19 October 2018
I will like to say a very big thank you to Sunrise Solicitors and especially to Mr Asif Rizwy for his patience with me, guidance and professional advice. After two unsuccessful attempts, we discovered Sunrise solicitor and i can gladly say we did not waste our money this time due to help of the professional lawyer we had.
I definitely recommend Sunrise Solicitors to all those looking forth to hold their visa in their hands.
Holger Schober
18 October 2018
Sunrise Solicitors was the right address and partner for our EU spouse visa, and we specifically like to thank Mr Paolo Barbato who did an excellent job! We have been informed on an ongoing basis, and every step was well prepared and worked perfect. We really can and will recommend Sunrise Solicitors and Paolo to other people for all kind of immigration issues.
Nicole R P
08 October 2018
I first contacted Sunrise Solicitors on behalf of my mum. She was a British Protected Person (with the BPP passport) and wanted to register as a British Citizen. I explained the entire situation and my mum's history in the initial email and asked for an appointment. We had the first consultation with Arshad and he was very knowledgable. The only thing is regarding my mum's situation is that very few people are clear about what the BPP status actually is at the moment. Most Commonwealth citizens status are akin to the Windrush generation status. The Home Office itself has published conflicting guidance on it - basically what happens for one BPP is not usually the same for another BPP. As it is an old form of nationality from the post-colonial times, fewer people in the Home Office actually know what it is and what rights you receive while holding that status (experienced this at the airport). Arshad knew this and warned us of the issues and did agree we should apply under section 4b. I had suggested this in my email as well as I had seen this online. He then delegated the case to Alina who was very helpful.

It helped that my mum had already prepared most of the application in rough ahead of the appointment, Alina then used this to do the application so that really saved time for us. Alina then prepared the introduction letter which we carefully reviewed, very impressed with the letter which was very well laid out and very clear. The application was sent off in late April and we were requested to do the biometrics in mid-July. We were extremely grateful that the application was approved in late August.

In our case, I can definitely recommend Sunrise Solicitors, particularly Alina. I think that when coming to any firm, people have to keep in mind that the solicitors are all human with a large number of cases. We were happy to call and email the solicitor for updates, at least twice a month and sometimes even reception can help with the query. The people who work in this firm deal with sensitive and complicated cases, so you have to work with them to track your application. We are extremely grateful to the firm for all services provided and thankful to have met them.
01 October 2018
Sunrise solicitors is a reliable team of experts.

My all the applications with sunrise solicitors were successful without any issue.

Usman, handle my last case extremely well.

The name you can trust.
Anton & Olga
01 October 2018
So far we done 4 x applications with Sunrise Solicitors (ILRs, Visa extensions). Quick and efficient service, 100% success rate.
Maryna Manko
22 September 2018
I would like to thank Asif Rizwy for doing a great job for getting me already second visa (Spouse and FLR visas). It wasn't easy but Sunrise Solicitors managed to be successful. It won't be my last visa but wouldn't use anyone else only Sunrise and recommend them highly.
Clyd cosning
22 September 2018
Thanks sunrise solicitor specially Asif bay for your hard work they are really helpful thye pay attention for my every update from home office and inform me . And specially Asif was very interested with my asylum case I thank that is the most important thing I'm lucky to been there thanks again sunrise solicitor.
Mr Yashpal
20 September 2018
I came to sunrise solicitors for my settlement application with no hope left and had my initial consultation with Mr Amri, who passed my case to Muhammad Usman Rasheed. He worked on my application and was always easy to approachable in every time of need. I would say the Sunrise Solicitors are the best in the UK when it comes to the Immigration matters. Thanks to the sunrise solicitors and Mr Muhammad Usman for preparing my case in such a brilliant way and Mr Tahir who attended represented me for the PEO.
16 September 2018
Thanks sunrise solicitors for your hard work especially Asif brother and amir brother thank you so much I'm happy to my friend to take me to sunrise solicitors that's why I have got my visa recently. I have been to other solicitors but they are just after my money. I'm so thankful to sunrise they inform me straight away whenever there's an update from home office. They helped until the end. insha'Allah see you sunrise solicitors again in 2023 for my ILR application.
Asif is very hardworking, professional, intelligent and efficient. He listened to me and put a lot of effort on my case. I am truly blessed to have Asif as my caseworker. He definitely did an exceptional job. Kudos to you Asif! More power to you!
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