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11 March 2020
Thanks to Marriam for successfully completing our application and Asif for his support. Appreciate your team work. This company is professional and give their clients full and genuine legal advice.
Angela and Brahim
19 February 2020
Sunrise Solicitors at Wimbledon deserve 10 gold stars. Arshad, Amir and Nargis are a formidable team. They have brought my husband and Itogether here in Uk and brought joy into our lives. Their knowledge of Immigration matters is immense and accurate. The compassion and understanding shown to us will never be forgotten . Thankyou from our hearts. We triumphed and justice was given . Arshad always available to guide , Amir so concisely detailing our case and explaining and always with compassion to us. Nargis who is faultless in her preparation and delivery and regular communication along the way. . A Mountain of paperwork.. These wonderful people have changed our lives and no words of gratitude could be enough for their professionalism and care .
13 February 2020
Many thanks to Kevin Muriuki and Neha Tewani who were always available on phone and Email to help
and support me. I would not hesitate to use Sunrise Solicitors again and can 100 percent
recommend them.
06 February 2020
I had my spouse visa denied and had to look for a good solicitor to help in handling my case. I came across Sunrise Solicitors and decided to speak with them and to be honest and my case was handled properly which resulted in my successful granted visa. They make up a great team to work with especially Mr Kevin K. Muriuki. He was very polite, detailed, patient, professional and after following through with all his advice, I got my visa over-turned in no time.
I strongly recommend them to anyone who needs advise on immigration matters as they are definitely the best. Special thanks to the team.
05 February 2020
Thanks to Miss Neha and Mr Kevin for their support and professionalism. The organisational culture of this company is very professional and well organised. My wife received her visa within 6 weeks.
26 January 2020
Thank you to Asif for a very outstanding service and Amir for your legal advice.
Always genuine with the best legal advice.
24 January 2020
Regards to me this firm is the best in uk on immigration case
Thuy Nguyen
23 January 2020
I would just like to say thank you Arshad and Nargis for all the hard work that you put into supporting me to ILR application. I got the email from HO about successful application and just wait for the BRP card. It’s so fantastic
Grateful client
17 January 2020
To everyone seeking immigration advice, please give Sunrise Solicitors a call. I was fortunate enough to bump into Sunrise as a last attempt to resolve my immigration matter after having exhaustively written to a lot of city lawyers.Amir's recommendation and advice was spot on. Nargis was super efficient and talented and is highly recommended to handle your paper work. Why am I still in the UK? - It was because of Sunrise Solicitors. Cheers !
27 December 2019
Words cannot express how thankful I am to have Sunrise Solicitors to get my UK nationality. My special thanks to the MD-Arshad Mahmood and my case worker Asif.
Asif is always patience, understanding, supportiveand an easy going professional with all his clients.
And more over he is very honest,genuine and a down to earth personality. It’s hard to see such a polite andcharming personality in this competitive and business field. His sincerity anddedication were extra addition to his professionalism where these really helpedhim to achieve many things, particularly clients’ satisfaction -by attending patiently-eachand every one of their queries on time – during his busy daily schedule. There is no doubt that Asif is a great asset to thefirm.
Arshad was always very caring of his clients andmoreover very dedicated in providing immigration and legal advises. His well awareness to delicate law points and thirst for knowledge are extra addition tohis great success.
Again, my heartfelt thanks to Asif, Arshad and SunriseSolicitors. I will definitely recommend this firm to my friends and colleagues.5/5*.
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