• Experts In UK Immigration: Our team of immigration solicitors is expert in dealing with all types of UK immigration matters including immigration applications to the Home Office UKVI and challenging refusal of immigration applications through immigration appeals, Administrative Review (AR), Pre-Action Protocol (PAP) and immigration Judicial Review(JR);
  • Fixed Fee For Our Services: We will agree a fixed fee for our professional immigration services which will cover all our work on the agreed immigration service for which you would have instructed us to represent you;
  • Initial Assessment By Senior Immigration Caseworkers/Supervisors: The initial assessment of your immigration matter will be done by one of the Supervisors/Senior Immigration Caseworker/Solicitor who will assess your eligibility under the law by considering all your personal circumstances;
  • High Success Rate: Our team of immigration solicitors has very high success rate in all types of UK immigration matters;
  • Fast, Friendly, Reliable and Professional Service: Our team of immigration solicitors will provide fast, friendly, reliable and professional immigration service for your immigration matter;
  • Clients’ Testimonials: Our team of immigration solicitors provide high quality service to our clients. The quality of our service is self-evident from the reviews of our clients about the service provided by our team of immigration solicitors;
  • Effective and Clear Communication: Our team of immigration solicitors would effectively and clearly communicate with you in relation to your immigration matter. Our team of immigration solicitors speak various languages and may be able to speak in your own language so that communication is clear and effective;
  • Very Clear, Transparent & Through Approach: Our team of immigration solicitors will demonstrate a very clear, transparent and thorough approach in dealing with your immigration matter which would help in achieving success in the immigration case;
  • High Quality Control: We have very high-quality control in place whereby all the immigration casework carried out by the relevant immigration caseworkers is actively supervised by the relevant supervisor to ensure that the plan of action as agreed during the initial consultation session is followed by the immigration caseworker dealing with the immigration case. All the documents prepared by the immigration caseworkers are thoroughly checked, amended, approved and signed by the relevant supervisor before the same can be submitted to the Home Office UKVI or to court in order to enhance chances of success in the matter and to ensure high quality of immigrataion casework. The immigration firm works under the overall supervision and management of the principal immigration solicitor who has more than 14 years Post Qualification Experience (PQE) and where the need arises the immigration caseworkers and supervisors benefit from the expertise of the principal immigration solicitor to ensure that the case strategy is such that the case has highest possible chances of success.
  • Super Priority Service: We are registered with the Home Office UKVI to provide Super Priority Service for in-country immigration applications to get decision on your immigration application within 24 hours;
  • No Win No Fee For Immigration Cases: Our team of immigration solicitors can help with certain immigration matters on no win no fee basis.
  • Good track record of challenging UK visa refusals: Our team of immigration solicitors has very good track record of challenging the refusal decisions of the Home Office UKVI through Immigration Appeal, Administrative Review (AR), Pre-Action Protocol Against Home Office UKVI and Immigration Judicial Review (JR) against the Home Office UKVI.
  • Wide Coverage: With our offices in London, Manchester and Birmingham we can provide our professional legal services for UK immigration cases to clients based in all parts of the UK. Where you are unable to attend our office in person, we can use the modern means of communication to communicate with you and represent you in your immigration case. We can also represent those clients who are based outside the UK in dealing with their entry clearance applications (UK visa applications) by fully preparing the entry clearance application in our office before it is submitted to the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO).

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